The Service Branch Recognition honors Pontiac High School graduates who are currently active/reserve in the military. Our mission is to display the banners throughout the community giving the recognition and appreciation for these service members. This is a group that did not seek recognition of their service and sacrifice. If there is someone that we have missed or you would like to sponsor the project, please inform Jesse Faber: [email protected]

We are working to place the banners at locations throughout our communities. We intend to update as we secure locations. If you know of any individuals or information that is inaccurate, incomplete, or entirely missing, please email the correct information to [email protected]


Adam Green2012Army2013
Adam Ledford2017Marines2017
Adam Metcalf2017Army2017Route 66 Nutrition
Alex Sennott2017Navy2017
Andrew Beckman2015Air Force2016Community Center
Ashton Mays2015Air Force2015Community Center
Austin Norman2019Army2018
Benjamin Somodi2015Coast Guard2016Community Center
Brandon Bohm2014Army2014Security Finance
Braxtan Thweatt2015Army2015Rentz's
Caleb Bray2013Marines2013Graymont Bank
Chris Struebing2014Army Reserve2014Community Center
Cody Labroence2004Army2004
Cody Weaver2015Marines2016Rentz's
Colin Stoeckel1994Army1994
Emma Burns2016Army2017E-3Route 66 Nutrition
Emma Krueger2019Army2018
Ethan Lee2018Air Force2018Family
Evan Nabors2018Army2018Odell
Gavin Padilla2014Navy2014Route 66 Nutrition
Geno Borrego2017Army2017The Cup and the Scone
Grace Hodgson2019Army2017
Haley Jones2019Army2018Community Center
Hunter Robinson2019Air Force2019
Jacob Bauman2015Army2015
Jared W. Howard1995Air Force2002
Jason Bost1996Army2006Edingers
Jeremy Lorrance2005Marines2005
Jeremy Stoeckel1992Army1992
Jesse Carter IV2012Air Force2013Route 66 Nutrition
Jon Roberts2013Army2016
Jordan NoonanAir Force
Josh Bray2009Marines2009Community Center
Joshua Anderson2014Marines2015Community Center
Katelyn Stewart2019Army2019
Keith Mills2017Army2017Rentz's
Kevin Shaughnessy2016Marines2016Route 66 Nutrition
Kevin Turner2017Navy2017Route 66 Nutrition
Kimberley Schott2009Air Force2011
Liana McDowell2015Army2018
Louis Nesbit2017Army2017Community Center
Lucas Meiners2011Marines2012
Luke Gray2016Army2018Community Center
Luke Spafford2016Air Force2015The Cup and the Scone
Makenzie Verdun2011Air Force2011Edinger's
Mason Vilt2018Army2018Community Center
Matt Lyons2018Marines2018Odell
Matthew Hilleary2014Coast Guard2014Rentz's
Matthew Howard2009Air Force
Matthew Tribley2013Marines
Megan Laurtisen2019Air Force2019
Michael Fitzsimmons2019Army2018
Mike Verdun2006Army2006Community Center
Nicholas Smith2014Navy2015Community Center
Nick Pampinella2016Army
Noah Schrock2017Navy2017
Owen Iverson2016Army2016
Parker Burns2015Air ForceE-4
Perry Price2016Air Force2016Kelly Margrets
Rob VanGilder2010Army2013Odell
Robbie Williamson2012Marines2012Communtiy Center
Ryan Laurtisen2018Marines2018The Cup and the Scone
Santos Gonzalas2001Navy
Staci Dixon2014Army2014Community Center
Steven Jones1996Army1996Sargent First ClassSaunemin Grade School
Timothy Anderson2016Marines2016Communtiy Center
Timothy Shaffer1991Army1991ColonelCommunity Center
Tre Williams2015Army2015Eagle Theater
Trevor James Hamilton2017Army201711 Bravo
Trey Edinger2019Army2019
Tristan Frazier2017Coast Guard2017Route 66 Nutrition
Tyler Lind2016Marines2016Communtiy Center
Zachary Lee2016Air Force2016Family
Zachary Snell2008Air Force2014Community Center