March 6                             Lake Land College, Mattoon, IL                                       Flyer

March 20                          Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL                         Webpage

March 27                           Black Hawk College East Campus, Galva, IL            Flyer

March 27                          Explore ACES, University of Illinois, Champaign            Webpage


Flyers and Websites for upcoming college & industry days.

August 22                     University of Illinois Agronomy Day     Webpage

September 4                     Parkland College Career Expoloration Night      Flyer

September 12 & 13          Lincoln Land Community College Agriculture Career Expo, Springfield       Webpage for Pre - Registration

September 18                  Illinois Valley Community College Ag Field Day, Oglesby     Flyer

September 20                   Illinois Central College Agriculture, Diesel, & Horticulture Showcase, East Peoria         Flyer

October 4                          Western Illinois University, Macomb          Webpage

October 8                         Illinois Valley Community College Open House & College Fair   Flyer

November 8                       Black Hawk College East Campus, Galva, IL            Flyer

November 13                     Joliet Junior College                              Flyer